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Transforming Legacy Systems with Technology

Watch the on-demand roundtable and discover cutting-edge technology for modernizing legacy healthcare systems.
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Fast-Tracking Loan Disbursals:​ The Secrets of Holistic Credit Decisioning

Watch this insightful roundtable as we bust the myth of having the perfect credit score, fast-track loans with LOS/LMS solutions, and understand the role of soft factors in credit decisioning.
Turn Chats into Enrollments WhatsApp Strategies for Education

Turn Chats into Enrollments: WhatsApp Strategies for Education With thousands of educational…
Customer support AI

Customer Support x AI: Explore the Future of Support

Generative AI meets customer support in LeadSquared's omnichannel customer service platform, the Service CRM. Come watch it live in this insightful webinar.
real estate roundtable

Real Estate Evolution in India: A Glimpse into the Future

Discover critical insights from the recent Real Estate Roundtable where industry leaders discussed major shifts, sustainable development, market dynamics, innovative sales strategies, and future trends.

Closing the Deal: 6 Surefire Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Targets

From prioritizing your leads to optimizing your sales pipelines and seamlessly onboarding customers- here's your complete guide to boost loan sales in 2024.

Sales Automation 101:Unclog your Sales Pipeline

Watch to learn how automation can help you gain complete visibility into your sales pipeline and ace your conversions with ease.

Why Do 70% of Online Inquiries Drop Off?

Discover actionable strategies to enhance your conversion rates: Join our panel discussion featuring leading experts in higher education admissions and marketing. We'll delve into the current challenges, emerging trends, and effective approaches for achieving predictable lead conversion and boosting college enrollment.

Elevating the Student Experience: Leveraging Technology in Recruitment & Admissions

Redefining education in the digital age: Explore next-gen strategies and tech innovations for seamless student journeys. Join our on-demand webinar with seasoned higher education leaders who discuss how you can elevate your recruitment and admissions efforts.
New Dimensions in EduTech Communication

New Dimensions in EduTech Communication: A Wati & LeadSquared Webinar With the emergence of AI and…

Customer-Centric Selling: The Unified Communication Advantage

This webinar will equip you with practical tools and strategies to create a seamless, personalized buying experience that drives sales and customer satisfaction.
US education webinar

84% of the Students Sway to the Beat of Targeted Communication

Unlock the power of targeted communication in student decision-making. Explore strategies influencing 84% of choices in our on-demand webinar. From messaging to outreach, discover lasting impacts on student engagement and enrollment.
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Patient Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency, and the ROI Jackpot: Can You Have It All?

In this webinar, learn how to increase healthcare operational efficiency and ROI while keeping patients happy.

Maximize Your Field Sales Efficiency: With LeadSquared Mobile CRM

In this webinar, Experts Rajeev (Director of Product Management, Field Sales) & Ali (Associate Director of Business Development) explore how to overcome the challenges of field sales professionals with the LeadSquared field sales app.

Digital Lending 101: Transforming Borrower Journeys in 2024

In this webinar, discover what Parth Pande (Co-Founder & Director- Finance Buddha) and Vineet Tiwari (AVP- South Sales- LeadSquared) have to say about how the digital lending space is evolving.
Automotive Sales Strategy Webinar LeadSquared

Breaking Down 2023’s Auto Sales Success in India India's auto industry…
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2023 in Review: What Changed in Higher Education?

Explore the key changes shaping the future of higher education. Dive deeper into the evolving landscape, emerging trends, and transformative innovations.

Boost Your Enrollments Through CRM Optimization

Get actionable tips and strategies on improving enrollments through CRM optimization. Learn from the experts at GD Goenka & UPES University.
Data Driven Lead Management

Data Driven Lead Management- From Chaos to Clarity

Learn how to harness the power of data in your lead management with the help of practical strategies and tools to make better decisions and drive growth.
Increasing Conversion Rates with Omnichannel Engagement and AI

Conversion Catalyst: Increasing Conversion Rates with Omnichannel Engagement and AI

In this webinar, learn how AI and omnichannel strategies can boost your conversion rates and give you a competitive edge in the market.
How to reach out to qualified property buyers

Marketing Strategies for Developers and Brokers in 2024

In this webinar, learn how a great marketing strategy can help sell more properties and increase marketing ROI
Outperforming Competitors in Beauty Schools

Outperforming Competitors in Beauty Schools

Outperforming Competitors in Beauty Schools: Strategies for Student Engagement.
Patient Engagement to Experience

Patient Engagement to Experience: The path to patient-centered care!

Learn about patient engagement strategies and how to improve patient care.
How to build your property sales pipeline

How To Build Your Property Sales Pipeline

In this webinar, learn how to build a sales pipeline using omnichannel communication.