This industry-specific section is for all those education marketers out there. We talk about the various trends , the best practices and case studies from the industry.

Shifting Your Admissions Process Online

In this webinar, Murali Krishna, Director of Sales Operations, LeadSquared, will discuss ways to makes your admission process online. Key takeaways: How to make your application process seamless & paperless. How to check & improve the productivity of your admission reps while working from home. An easy way to centralize student communication & engagement via…

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A/B Testing: Simplest Way to Increase Leads, Conversion & Enrollment Revenue In 2020

In this LeadSquared webinar, Enrollment Resources co-founders, Gregg Meiklejohn & Shane Sparks highlight how your school can increase enrollment revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2020 through simple split tests. Key takeaways: What split testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are How split testing and CRO bring unmatched value to the enrollment management…

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Secrets to Campus Tours that create a desire to Enroll

Visiting campus is a great way for a student to determine which colleges best serve their future. Standing at the heart of campus, seeing the classrooms, and touring the school buildings can give them a sense of what college feels like. For many students, the prospect of college becomes “real” for them while taking a…

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Higher Education Lead Generation Marketing Masterclass

You’re out of business if you don’t have a prospect. That’s as true in Enrollment success as it is everywhere else. Who would your admissions officer call if the inquiries suddenly dropped to zero?  So while the admissions teams own the entire enrollment funnel, it’s your marketing that has to continuously feed the top. In…

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Marketing Hacks Every Admissions Team Must Know

Your prospective students now have hundreds of new options within easy reach. However, this access is creating a massive problem – Lower costs have spurred increased competition among colleges, forcing them to spend more on marketing, on getting their message out. But getting your institute’s story out doesn’t have to be expensive. In this FREE…

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Admissions Calling – what creates the desire to enroll?

It’s no secret – the best Admission Reps in the world are still the best callers. But all the others prefer shovelling snow to calling. Which is understandable – weary students, burdened with dozens of cold messages are tough to crack. It’s a lot of work for a handful of conversations (most of which drop cold…

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What is a School Management System? How Can it Boost Enrollment?

Schools find recruiting students to be more than a little bit competitive. Students have more access to information about the schools they want to attend than ever before. The key to recruiting students is building a relationship with them. You obviously cannot do that with every single prospective student in person, so how can you…

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Your Best Admissions Assistant [Infographic and Webinar Recording]

They say the first impression is the last impression. As much as I want to disagree with it, it’s true. This is particularly important in the case of an education business. The course details, the programs offered, academic curriculum, school campus, placement opportunities and all that are vital of course, but are looked at only after…

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How Technology Can Boost Student Recruitment

Getting the word out to your potential students that you are the right school for them is tough. It’s more than just setting up your school’s website and advertising a bit on social media. Your prospective students want to engage with their future school on a personal level in a world that is full of…

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What Is An Education CRM and Why You Need It?

Ann Handley said, “Make the customer the hero of your story”. It must be true and universally accepted because CRM is easily becoming the largest software market in 2017. It will most likely be the fastest growing in the years to come due to its rise in numerous industries such as higher education CRM. Education…

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Closing the divide between marketing and admissions

In this free webinar, Shubh from LeadSquared and Gregg Meiklejohn from Enrollment Resources took a close look into the relationship – the attainable, mutually beneficial, revenue generating, relationship – between Admissions and Marketing that is possible at every school. They spoke about- Why this relationship is so important, What happens when it’s broken, and How you can use…

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Conquering the Lead Generation Challenge in Higher Education [Webinar Recording]

Conquering the Lead Generation Challenge in Higher Education

Admission teams are often faced with the lead generation challenge in higher education. Learn the best practices for lead generation in higher education, the challenges that come with it, and ways to tackle that, in this webinar. In this session, Belmond Victor from Wisoft Solutions and Ashish Gupta from LeadSquared, talk about – Understanding parent…

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Increase Your School’s Efficiency With Online Admission System

Education is evolving, so is the admissions process: the process that allows aspirants to access information quickly without having to wait for hours, if not days. It becomes the onus of the admissions team to stay in tune with the rapid technology growth so that their schools stay relevant to the applicant’s needs. To achieve this, they…

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Increase Student Enrollment with these 10 practical tips

student enrollment cover

As an admissions team, you certainly have your work cut out when it comes to hitting the student enrollment target. With so many new age study options, this tech-savvy generation is not easy to get hold off. A look at some statistics will accentuate this even better. Only 34% of colleges meet enrollment targets and…

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Reports every career school needs to boost enrollments

reporting for career schools

In this webinar, Jenn Lyles, an award-winning marketing consultant demonstrated the power of reporting. She explained how to plug your money leaking sources, convert more visitors into leads and how to give your prospective students a seamless experience. And the most important part she explained what reports you need to pull weekly, monthly, quarterly &…

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7 steps to dramatically increase your enrollment rates

Admission teams worldwide are under tremendous pressure to fill more seats with limited resources and a shrinking pool of applicants. In this webinar, Dr. Ajay Shukla of Higher Education UAE and Nilesh Patel of LeadSquared share tips & tricks on how you can drastically improve enrollments. Check out the recording below Here is the deck…

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How Harding School of Theology Battled Their Lead Leakage Woes

leadsquared- education case study

With the shrinking pool of high-quality candidates and growing competition in the higher ed space, institutes everywhere are struggling to attract the students they want to enroll. Add to that the problem of accidentally missed enrollment inquiries & delayed follow-ups, and you’ll have the sum of the challenges that Harding School of Theology faces on…

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Using Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage

In today’s digital age, prospective students expect rapid responses to their inquiries. Fast Company reports that, within the context of company-customer (or school-student) relations, fifty percent of e-mail responses are sent within two hours. Social media is nearly twice as demanding, with 42% expecting a response within 60 minutes. That’s Generation Z Top 10 ways to effectively communicate with Gen Z (View…

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How to Increase Your Yield Rate—and Set Your School Apart


Many higher education institutions’ yield rates—the percentage of admitted students who enroll—are steadily declining. According to US News & World Report, the average yield rate among national universities is 32%–a full percentage drop since fall 2015. National liberal arts colleges are even lower at around 26.6 percent, also down nearly one percent. This is disheartening…

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Uncovering Trends. Fostering a Culture

Higher Education Trends

The collection and use of data is becoming increasingly more critical in higher education. Marketing and admissions teams don’t just utilize it—they rely on it. And, with the availability of technology that does the tough data analysis work for them, recruiting teams can inform their strategy more effectively than ever before.   The proliferation of…

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Conquering the Admissions Challenge

  The number of annual college applications is on the rise—and doesn’t seem to be dwindling anytime soon. In 2017 alone, many universities saw record numbers of applicants, with UCLA becoming the first to receive over 100,000 in a single year. Duke and Boston University also hit personal records, with each breaking over 30,000 and…

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10 Must Have Admissions CRM Features for Every Enrollment Team

Let’s say, a college recruits 4000 students in a year, with a team of 5 admission officers. So, in his career of 20 years, an admission officer accepts 16,000 applications on an average and rejects a lot more than that. That’s a lot of work, considering colleges are getting very selective in their recruitment criteria, and students…

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CRM vs ERP: Why You Need Both for Higher Education? [Infographic]

Universities and other higher education institutions today have the daunting task of targeting the most connected generation – millennials, and post-millennials. This modern student is savvier, constantly online in one form or other, always restless, and highly skeptical. This means, the challenge for higher education admissions teams has amplified 10-times over. They still need to…

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