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Outperforming Competitors in Beauty Schools: Strategies for Student Engagement.

Join us for a session with MyOperator & LeadSquared on how to maximise student conversions for your educational institute.

In this session, we have partnered with amazing experts that can help you nail your marketing, messaging, pitch, and tech-stack.

Universities are fighting to attract more students to apply for their courses. Setting up a kick-ass counselling team or activating...

Burnout, fatigue, and stress are all trending topics, but what is your institution doing to make sure they aren’t just...

With schools reopening and foreign students already moving abroad for study, universities in APAC should be prepared for an uptick...

Around 700K students applied to study abroad in 2019 – this was 6X the growth in applications as compared to...

There are many ways to support school growth, but having the best talent is key.Admissions advisors are first point of...

There has been an ongoing shift in the higher education landscape and the pandemic has increased uncertainty about the future....

India has one of the largest higher education networks of 1,043 universities, 42,343 colleges, and 11,779 stand-alone institutions. With its...

The edtech industry is expanding, and educational institutions are quickly embracing new technologies. The time is opportune for institutions to...

Speakers: Key Takeaways: The past few years have tested the resilience of virtually every industry. For higher education institutions, the...

Speakers: Key Takeaways: “Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.”  – Tony...

India’s top universities rank near 350 in terms of global university rankings. Universities were obliged to shift to digital learning...

Speakers: Douglas Carlson – Head of Business Development & Partnerships LeadSquared – North America Allen Garber – Vice President &...

More than 60% of the African population falls under the age bracket of 25 and below. Yet enrolments in tertiary...

Speakers: Key Takeaways: “A Students Journey Has No Real End” Does it read like philosophy? No, let’s have a closer...

Recently, we assembled a panel of notable industry and government leaders to discuss global expansion strategies for educational institutions. Lisa...

Experts predict a surge in new enrollments for skills-based or career-focused education within the next few years. Whether individuals enter...

Are online certifications and DLPs here to stay? With physical classes opening up, what is the future of these courses? What...

With more than one billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in existence...

In this webinar, we cover a 3-step framework for more effectively identifying, supporting, and managing the many different types of...

According to renowned industry experts Deepak Anand, Rohit Rana, and Adithya Maiya, shifting to digital has imparted practical learning. With...

Want to explore ways to achieve your enrollment goals in these trying times? That was our goal when we sponsored...

hope care college
Care Hope College Saves 30% Time Using Marketing Automation

Read how LeadSquared helps Care Hope College save 30% of their time and improve student engagement using automation.

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Keystone Universe of Education 3X Their Lead Capture

Read how LeadSquared helps Keystone Universe of Education map and manage multiple course opportunities and 3X their lead capture.

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Amrita university
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Improved Student Conversions by 20%!

Read how LeadSquared helped Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham centralize the admissions process to boost student conversions by 20%.

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College Vidya
College Vidya Could Integrate 75+ Colleges Data with Leadsquared

College Vidya, a college comparison platform, integrates student data with 75+ colleges and improves student engagement through automated communication.

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Wizako Improves Student Onboarding with LeadSquared

Learn how Wizako, the test-prep company, uses LeadSquared to improve process and team efficiency by using an integrated platform.

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St Andrews University
St Andrews Changes the Admissions Game with LeadSquared’s Student Engagement Platform

Read how St. Andrews changed their admissions game with LeadSquared's student engagement platform and achieve 100% counsellor efficiency

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ICPR Featured Image
ICPR Boosts their Enrolment by 13% with LeadSquared.

ICPR uses LeadSquared for convenient student communications and to record, track, and analyse all their admission efforts. Read to know more!

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Esthetic Institute Case study FI
Esthetic Institute Saved Over 10,000 Minutes with LeadSquared

LeadSquared has changed the way Esthetic Institute communicates with students. They've saved time and effort and boosted enrollments.

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California Career Institute FI
How California Career Institute Increased Their Lead to Inquiry Conversion Using LeadSquared

California Career Institute has partnered with LeadSquared to help them analyze their processes and make important decisions with ease.

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Edtech Case Study - Increased Counsellor Efficiency
A Leading Edtech Company Achieves 2X Admission Counsellor Efficiency with LeadSquared

Seed Global Education helps universities market their programs in Asia, Africa, and Middle East. With LeadSquared, they achieved 2X Counsellor Efficiency.

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Canadian School Bahrain Feature Image
Canadian School Bahrain Improves Lead Management with LeadSquared

Learn how implementing LeadSquared helped the Canadian School Bahrain automate lead management and increase process efficiency.

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KR Mangalam Global School
KR Mangalam Global School Achieves 5X Admission Process Efficiency with LeadSquared  

KR Mangalam Global School is one of the most renowned IB schools in Delhi. They simplified their admissions process with LeadSquared.

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Unitek Learning
Unitek Learning Accelerates its Response Time and Increases Conversion with LeadSquared

Since 2019, LeadSquared has enabled Unitek to unite their campuses and their many departments and work from a common database.

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Oakridge Schools
Oakridge International Schools implement insight driven admissions with LeadSquared

Oakridge Schools are part of the world’s leading premium schools, Nord Anglia Education. They implemented insight-driven admissions with LeadSquared.

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How Silulo Ulutho Technologies increased their course conversion rates with LeadSquared
How Silulo Ulutho Technologies increased their course conversion rates with LeadSquared

Silulo Ulutho Technologies leverages LeadSquared to increase sales conversions, improve performance tracking, and increase student engagement.

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Charlotte Christian College - case study cover
Charlotte Christian College Increases Enrollments by 20% with LeadSquared

Charlotte Christian College achieves increased lead-to-enrolment ratio after automating student journey on LeadSquared's platform.

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The Modern College of Design - Ohio
The Modern College of Design Achieves a New Enrollment Milestone with LeadSquared

The Modern College of Design achieves greater productivity and implements paperless processing with LeadSquared's advanced capabilities.

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Ebenezer Group of Institution Case Study
How Ebenezer Group Increased Admissions by 30%

LeadSquared enables Ebenezer Group to reduce lead leakage by 100% and reduce applicant turnaround time.

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How IMS Noida increased its admission efficiency by 30%

IMS Noida redefines their admission pipeline and achieves faster turnaround time with LeadSquared's admission automation.

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Sarla Birla University Case Study Feature Image
Sarla Birla University Increases Student Enrollment Rates by 100%

Sarala Birla University leverages LeadSquared's enrollment automation to reduce lead leakage to zero and ensure no missed opportunities.

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Higher Ed Case Study - Increased Admission Efficiency
How One of The Leading Higher Ed Institute Increased Admissions Efficiency by 30%

This University ensures zero missed opportunities and reduces student turnaround time with LeadSquared.

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IMT-CDL Feature Image-LeadSquared
IMT-CDL Increases Admission Rates with LeadSquared’s Enrollment Automation

IMT-CDL leverages LeadSquared's enrollment automation to better the lead to admission lifecycle and increase enrollments.

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RIT Feature Image
Roorkee Institute of Technology Increased its Enrollment Rate by 60% with LeadSquared Admission Automation

RIT increases process efficiency, enhance student experience, and ensures zero lead leakage with LeadSquared.

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Tricoci University
Tricoci University Increases Student Enrollments with LeadSquared

Tricoci University increases its process efficiency by 75% with LeadSquared's enrollment management solution.

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