Challenges in Life Insurance Marketing and How to Solve Them

You must have heard of the overused adage: “Change is the only constant’. Of course, it is true, despite being the cliché that it is. Unsurprisingly, this inevitability of change has also redefined the way a lot of businesses operate today. And if I had to name an industry that has undergone the most drastic…

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High enrollments, yet low starts?

On auditing 400 career schools and found that at 42% of students who enroll never show up to the classroom. It’s a nightmare for admission reps, finding last moment replacements. But there’s another way out.

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Advantages of Bancassurance for Customers, Banks & Insurance Carriers

Advantages of bancassurance - for customers, banks and insurance carriers

As discussed in my previous article, (and as you probably already know), the bancassurance model of insurance distribution has found success in many markets. In fact, the growth rate for Banca is four times the growth of life insurance in certain geographies. (Source: Marketwatch, 2018).  As the channel continues to grow, it would help to understand the different…

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Why Higher Education Marketing Needs a Recruitment System

Today, students can get just about any information they want to know about a college from the Internet. The competition between schools to get the right students for their schools is fierce. To recruit students, universities have to build and nurture relationships with potential students. This can’t be done with individual prospective students, of course,…

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Bancassurance Model in Insurance – What, Why and How?

Bancassurance advantages

What is Bancassurance Model? Bancassurance is the insurance distribution model where insurance carriers and banks join forces to sell insurance products to consumers. The channel utilizes the respective strengths of insurance carriers and banks to not just distribute insurance policies in a whole new way, but to increase customer satisfaction and maximize their own profits…

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How Higher Education Management Increases Admissions

Boosting enrollment numbers is a goal of just about every university. In fact, just about 34 percent of colleges meet their enrollment goals, so that leaves hundreds of educational institutions that are not able to achieve the number of students they want to enroll every year. Higher education management has to include a comprehensive student…

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Using Strategic Enrollment Management to Increase Admissions

Enrolling students in your university is no easy process. You want to increase your enrollment numbers, but you may not have reached the enrollment figures that you’ve hoped for. In fact, just about 34 percent of universities are able to achieve their enrollment goals. To up those numbers, your organization has to work smarter, not…

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Why CRM for Universities is the Way Forward

Relationship-building with students is critical for your university to reach the enrollment numbers that it has set. Without personalized relationships in the recruitment process, students are likely to move on to another university that makes more of an effort to reach out and connect with them as individuals. But how you can you do that…

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How Enrollment Management Has Evolved with Technology

Visiting secondary schools or making community speeches about your college are no longer necessarily the best ways to get potential students enrolled in your college. Competition is much fiercer today than it was in the past to get enrollment numbers up. There are more colleges than before, and students are much more discerning about where…

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How Technology Can Boost Student Recruitment

Getting the word out to your potential students that you are the right school for them is tough. It’s more than just setting up your school’s website and advertising a bit on social media. Your prospective students want to engage with their future school on a personal level in a world that is full of…

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What Is An Education CRM and Why You Need It?

Ann Handley said, “Make the customer the hero of your story”. It must be true and universally accepted because CRM easily became the largest software market in 2017 and it will most likely be the fastest growing in the years to come Education is no different, apart from the fact that here, the student is…

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Closing the divide between marketing and admissions

In this free webinar, Shubh from LeadSquared and Gregg Meiklejohn from Enrollment Resources took a close look into the relationship – the attainable, mutually beneficial, revenue generating, relationship – between Admissions and Marketing that is possible at every school. They spoke about- Why this relationship is so important, What happens when it’s broken, and How you can use…

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Digital Transformation in Finance [Webinar Recording]

Shibani Roy
Digital Transformation in Finance (Webinar)

As customers across are relying increasingly on online and mobile banking, the race is on for financial services organizations to adapt to this evolution in the most secure and agile manner. From this webinar on Digital Transformation in Finance, know more about latest tips, trends and tools that are changing the face of finance industry, from Parth…

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9 Ways a Banking CRM can Enable Digital Transformation


  Way back in 2000 B.C, banking originated when merchants began loaning grains to farmers, in return for deposits. Since then, banking has evolved into an integral part of civilization, across geographies and cultures. Modern day banking, however, has realized that banking is not just about money transactions anymore. Today, with many money handling and…

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