What Is An Education CRM and Why You Need It?

Ann Handley said, “Make the customer the hero of your story”. It must be true and universally accepted because CRM easily became the largest software market in 2017 and it will most likely be the fastest growing in the years to come Education is no different, apart from the fact that here, the student is…

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Closing the divide between marketing and admissions

In this free webinar, Shubh from LeadSquared and Gregg Meiklejohn from Enrollment Resources took a close look into the relationship – the attainable, mutually beneficial, revenue generating, relationship – between Admissions and Marketing that is possible at every school. They spoke about- Why this relationship is so important, What happens when it’s broken, and How you can use…

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Digital Transformation in Finance [Webinar Recording]

Shibani Roy
Digital Transformation in Finance (Webinar)

As customers across are relying increasingly on online and mobile banking, the race is on for financial services organizations to adapt to this evolution in the most secure and agile manner. From this webinar on Digital Transformation in Finance, know more about latest tips, trends and tools that are changing the face of finance industry, from Parth…

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9 Ways a Banking CRM can Enable Digital Transformation


  Way back in 2000 B.C, banking originated when merchants began loaning grains to farmers, in return for deposits. Since then, banking has evolved into an integral part of civilization, across geographies and cultures. Modern day banking, however, has realized that banking is not just about money transactions anymore. Today, with many money handling and…

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Increase Student Enrollment with these 10 practical tips

student enrollment cover

As an admissions team, you certainly have your work cut out when it comes to hitting the student enrollment target. With so many new age study options, this tech-savvy generation is not easy to get hold off. A look at some statistics will accentuate this even better. Only 34% of colleges meet enrollment targets and…

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What is an enrollment system and why does it matter?

what is enrollment system - cover image

Several factors contribute to the success of a world class enrollment team. One of these key ingredients lies in how efficient and responsive they are. Applicants are not only looking for personalized attention at each step but also looking to get it quick. More than ever, relevant, valuable and timely information could be ample determinants…

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Reports every career school needs to boost enrollments

reporting for career schools

In this webinar, Jenn Lyles, an award-winning marketing consultant demonstrated the power of reporting. She explained how to plug your money leaking sources, convert more visitors into leads and how to give your prospective students a seamless experience. And the most important part she explained what reports you need to pull weekly, monthly, quarterly &…

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Conquering B2B Lead Generation Challenge

B2B lead generation is challenging – if you are in the industry, you’re probably nodding along. If you ask any B2B marketer to make a wish, it would most likely be – more leads, better leads. This BrightTALK study confirms the same – 68% marketers say their top priority is increasing lead quality, whereas 55%…

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7 steps to dramatically increase your enrollment rates

Admission teams worldwide are under tremendous pressure to fill more seats with limited resources and a shrinking pool of applicants. In this webinar, Dr. Ajay Shukla of Higher Education UAE and Nilesh Patel of LeadSquared share tips & tricks on how you can drastically improve enrollments. Check out the recording below Here is the deck…

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7 Irresistible Banner Ads For Higher Education

Over 70% of the higher education institutes find banner ads to be the most effective online ad type. This is followed by PPC ads on social media and cookie-driven remarketing ads. Take a look at the study conducted by Ruffalo Noel Levitz in 2017: This trend isn’t new. In fact, revenue in the banner ad…

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How story-telling and technology can boost recruitment success

storytelling and technology in higher education cover

In a recent webinar with LeadSquared titled “Attracting & Engaging Prospective Students with Storytelling & Technology”, Sharon Aschaiek from Higher Ed Communications and Bob Derr from Marketing Edge discussed on how higher-ed institutes can combine storytelling and technology to boost their recruitment efforts. If you’d like to view the recording of the webinar, we got…

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My #1 Tip for Beauty Schools to Reduce Their Admission Costs

Jenn Lyles
beauty school marketing cover

I recently consulted with a small, one-campus beauty school. Their main marketing pain point was their budget. They felt like they were spending a lot of money and getting almost nothing in return. This isn’t unique. In my 8-years of working with career schools, I have found that the budget is almost always a constraint,…

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How Harding School of Theology Battled Their Lead Leakage Woes

leadsquared- education case study

With the shrinking pool of high-quality candidates and growing competition in the higher ed space, institutes everywhere are struggling to attract the students they want to enroll. Add to that the problem of accidentally missed enrollment inquiries & delayed follow-ups, and you’ll have the sum of the challenges that Harding School of Theology faces on…

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